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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

but does the 'f' stand for 'macaca?'

we don't know how many publicans are going to vote for george allen for senator in [upon edit] virginia. but we know one that won't, if he lived in that state: famed conservative writer william f. buckley, jr:

but as the whole world now knows, mother allen specifically released son george from his commitment to silence, and then enjoined him to make public the datum.

here is where the story achieved sheer mawkishness. "on cnn," as the new york times reports it, "mr. allen recounted his mother's saying: 'i didn't want to tell you. do you love me? you won't love me as much.'

"mr. allen said he responded, 'i love you even more.'"

well, this non-virginian discloses that he loves the pair of them less.

let us, if only for the practice, weigh the considerations of a popular senator running for re-election.

as a republican, senator allen could reasonably assume that he would fare less well in the jewish community than his democratic opponent because of jewish voters' traditional disposition in favor of the democrat. in the last national election, jewish voters went for kerry 3-to-1 over bush.

so? what might allen do to appeal to reluctant jews? identify himself as a blood brother!

that thought may have figured in mother's calculations when she confirmed what was otherwise merely a hypothetical claim.
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