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Monday, August 28, 2006

one year later

the repubbbs are trying like mad to rehabilitate awol's image vis a vis his inaction on katrina for the upcoming anniversary of the terrible death and destruction. luckily for us, various bloggers are hard at work to make sure the truth is remembered.


as usual, prime scout at first draft is the main go-to gal for what's really happening in n'awlins, and today she gives us video of the unbreakable spirit of new orleans in the guise of the arabi wrecking krewe volunteers helping to gut the destroyed homes of nola musicians.

americablog points out that, even with another hurricane on its way, awol is still on vacation, while the left coaster wonders why he's shaking hands with soldiers in mississippi instead of walking the streets of n'awlins on this anniversary.

christy at fdl does a good job of rounding up the mmm (multi-millionaire media)'s take on the anniversary

our own mimus pauly, who lived thru hurricane isabel in virginia 3 years ago, quotes the richmond times-dispatch as it wonders if the big easy can take another hit.

shakespeare's sister analyzes the data and comes up with the result: the katrina disaster was the inevitable disaster in the wake of awol's conservatism success.

and, speaking of data, digby has katrina by the numbers.

tchris at talkleft points out that only half of the big easy's courts are up and running, and there's a huge backlog of cases pending.

zuzu at feministe points out that katrina undercut awol's image as the "get things done" president, while the heretik compares the bad taste of conan o'brien's emmy's skit to the bad taste of awol's presidency. and, maha apparently linked to all these bloggers hours before we did.

and booman puts it all rather succinctly:

anyone that expects compassion from george w. bush has paid no attention to his curriculum vitae. he started out blowing up frogs with firecrackers and he hasn't let up or changed his ways for anyone. with over 40,000 innocent lives already on his hands, he has nothing left to lose. if there is a hell, his place in it is secured.
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