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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

not that we're bitter or anything

we realize we're not the biggest, or most influencial, or most famous blog on the block. but we're happy with that knowledge. we feel privileged just to be a part of the movement that is helping to correct the course of american political thought and journamalism accountability.

however, in light of our work in the recent l'affaire chuck roberts, and considering that our humble site has been mentioned numerous times on cnn, npr, salon, and the holiest of all holies, the daily show...we have to ask:

who do you have to f*ck to get some press around here?

now, we know our blog doesn't get the most traffic. so we were quite pleased when both crooks&liars and huffingtonpost linked to our hard-researched list of advertisers of headline news network (w/contact info), to help our readers express their consternation to the people who could bring pressure to bear on cnn and roberts.

and then, when roberts formally apologized to ned lamont on-air, we felt vindication for our hard work, and the work of everyone who strove to make sure the cable news network was accountable for its partisan speak.

so, when it came time for slapping each other on the backs, imagine our confusion to find our backs relatively un-slapped.

and the reason we bring it up is the updates found on both huffingtonpost and crooks&liars. huffpo:

* update ii: on tuesday, august 15, chuck roberts apologized to ned lamont for his remark. thanks to everyone who helped hold his feet to the fire (think progress, john amato, media matters, americablog, the carpetbagger report, gawker).
wait, it gets better...crooks&liars also gave out some props:

i’m glad he apologized, he did the right thing. big hat tips go to arianna, c&l, mm and tp, who highlighted the situation.
that's right! john amato thanked himself for working on this! (one of his readers actually called him on it!)

but the only people that mentoined our work, aside from our readers (and thank you all for your kind words), was paul the spud over at shakespeare's sister. thanks paul, we know who our real friends are.

the only thing that sticks in our craw is that both huffpo and c&l linked to us in the first place, and then totatlly forgot about us when it came time give out props. is our work not worthwhile? do we not toil daily to bring the best that progressives have to offer? hath not a 'roo eyes? hath not a 'roo hands, organs, dimensions, senses, affections, passions? push us down, do we not bleed, touch our pricks, do we not rise again?

oh well. we suppose it was just an honor to be nominated.

[/whining mode off]

addendum: our mistake: we were wallowing so much in our own self-pity, we complete missed media bloodhound's public props to our efforts. we hope this teaches us to stop feeling sorry for ourselves and to actually look at reality.
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