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Monday, August 14, 2006

look at that little monkey run

sen. george allen apologized, apparently to no avail today, and therein lies the problem. he shouldn't have been apologizing to no avail, he should have been apologizing to s.r. sidarth, who is with sen. allen's opponent jim webb's campaign, for calling sidarth "macaca," which, as everybody in the world except white republicans knows, is a pretty nasty slur towards people of mixed race. the washpost:

this fellow here, over here with the yellow shirt, macaca, or whatever his name is. he's with my opponent. he's following us around everywhere. and it's just great," allen said, as his supporters began to laugh. after saying that webb was raising money in california with a "bunch of hollywood movie moguls," allen said, "let's give a welcome to macaca, here. welcome to america and the real world of virginia." allen then began talking about the "war on terror."

depending on how it is spelled, the word macaca could mean either a monkey that inhabits the eastern hemisphere or a town in south africa. in some european cultures, macaca is also considered a racial slur against african immigrants, according to several web sites that track ethnic slurs.
but here's the best part: allen's camp insisted the word was a variation of "mohawk," which that campaign had taken to calling sidarth because of his hair cut.

here's his hair cut.

well, you can let a guy slide for one little mistake, right?

it's not the first time allen has confronted charges of insensitivity to race or ethnicity from minority leaders and longtime political opponents.

before he ran for governor in 1993, allen was criticized for keeping a confederate flag in a cabin near his charlottesville home, part of a collection of flags, he has said. he stirred controversy as governor by issuing a proclamation noting the south's celebration of confederate history month without mentioning slavery.

this year, the new republic magazine published a photo of allen wearing a confederate flag on his lapel during high school.

"it wasn't a racial statement; it was a statement about his rebellious nature," said john reid, allen's communications director.

allen campaign manager dick wadhams also went on the offensive, accusing webb of mailing an anti-semitic flier during his primary this year that contained a caricature of webb's jewish opponent.

todd said wadhams is trying to change the subject. "the flier was never meant to be anti-semitic," she said. "that was a charge levied by our opponent at the time to drive voters away from jim webb, much like allen's trying to do today.”
before he opened his big mouth, sen. allen should have called mitt romney!

addendum: not only does the moderate voice investigate the whole brou-ha-ha, they have a great foot-in-mouth graphic!
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