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Sunday, August 06, 2006

it's pretty bad when your own friends won't vote for you

the chitrib has an interesting profile of two connecticut residents who know joe lieberman personally and very well...and still aren't going to vote for him next tuesday:

tom and carolyn gaines have known and admired sen. joseph lieberman since he was a teenager in stamford.

lieberman, 64, was a camp counselor to their son, gary. he came over to the house for dinners. and tom gaines, an architect and founder of the connecticut aclu, recommended that his own lawyer hire lieberman after he graduated from yale law school, predicting that the young man would be governor of connecticut someday…

but despite the long connection between the gaineses and connecticut's junior senator, the bond of trust and admiration has broken. on tuesday, like many other democrats here, tom and carolyn gaines plan to vote for ned lamont, the greenwich businessman.
and this article goes a bit deeper than the usual "it's the war!" diatribe that the cw keeps trying to shove down our throats:

for months, they agonized, unhappy with lieberman's support for the war in iraq. "it's the worst blunder in american history in my time," said tom, who is 83.

but even that was not enough to push the couple into the lamont camp.

then came lieberman's announcement that he would run for re-election as an independent if he loses the democratic primary. the gaineses were horrified, fearing that lieberman's decision would split the party, throw connecticut's seat to a republican and deny democrats the opportunity to take control of the senate—though past polls have indicated lieberman would win a three-way race.

"he's sacrificing american history for his own ambition," said tom. "the worst thing possible is for republicans to get that seat. i just can't live with that. it's immoral"…

"we resent the fact he ran for senator and vice president at the same time," said carolyn, who is also 83, referring to lieberman's 2000 bid for both offices.

and tom noted that lieberman said little that was critical about bush's plan to partially privatize social security at the time it was proposed. now he's sending glossy direct mail declaring that he "stood up to the republican attacks on social security, strongly opposing the bush privatization plan."

"i don't think it's straightforward," said tom.
even your best friends won't vote for you? now that's joe-nertia!
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