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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

howie doin?

we be doin' fine, thanks to last night's victory of ned lamont over joe-nertia. all of blogtopia (yes! we coined that phrase!) is celebrating that actual democracy actually worked for once (hasn't happened since around 1974, we think).

cookie jill points out that joe-nertia fired his entire campaign staff (a little late, in our opinion). ken mehlman sez that joe-nertia is a great guy (that's spelled with a 'u,' not an 'a'). most major democrats have come out to publicly support lamont over lieberman. and the conventional wisdom is still asking if the bloggers are gods.

and, tho great accolades are due the fdl gang and the my left nutmeg group (and various other bloggers), we at skippy international think that everyone in blogtopia (y!wctp!) as well as in connecticut, and in the democratic party as well, owe a big debt of thanks to howie klein of down with tyranny!

it was howie klein, after all, who was the first to majorly blog (and you all remember that fine military man, major lee blog) about ned lamont and his desire to run against joe-nertia. remember this golden oldie from february of 2007 2006*:

i just got back from meeting ned lamont. i went because i dislike everything about lieberman and have since i first heard about him as a sleazy, right wing local pol in connecticut, long before he became part of a national or international nightmare. i was so sure i was going to be unimpressed with lamont that i didn't even bother to bring my checkbook to this-- his very first-- fund-raiser. i was so completely impressed that the first thing i did when i got home was rush to the computer to add him to the fledgling dwt act blue page. (alas he's not even on with them yet but i'll get one going as soon as act blue gets him in their system)…

as soon as he walked in the door, just a few minutes after me and a good 30 minutes before the crowd showed up, i got to chat with him about the issues. the first thing i wanted to get a sense of was how he left about iraq. i was wary of hearing any double-talk or weasel words. there were none. he went right to jack murtha and showed me immediately that not only does he support a plan for withdrawal but that he has a far better grasp of what the war is all about than old-line democratic "thinkers" like joe biden, hillary clinton and wes clark (all of whom are still babbling nonsense about "winning," an absurd concept to begin with). later when he talked to the whole group he contrasted bush's (latest) approach (shared not just by lieberman but by even some well-meaning-- if limited-- democrats) which is basically that the u.s. will step back when "the iraqis" step up with a more well-reasoned and thought-out approach which is that the iraqis will step up when-- and not until-- the u.s. starts stepping back in a serious way. "the invasion of iraq was a colossal foreign policy disaster." that's clear. that's simple. that's what democrats running for office should all be saying.

he talked a lot about the harmful trend of the federal government increasingly intruding into the private lives of american citizens and how that trend has to be turned around. he told us that for him alito was not a close call. i have no doubt that he saw alito as much a dangerous threat to american liberty as i did. in fact, he seems like the kind of guy who's going to carefully consider every issue and come up with the right approach across the board-- kind of a polar opposite of joe lieberman.
it was howie who first championed ned's campaign, who first brought ned to our attention, and the attention of those bloggers who actually got off thier pajama clad butts and pounded the pavement in connecticut, to make last night happen.

everyone did a great job, and everyone deserves congratulations, and everyone deserves to party hearty.

but howie klein deserves a thank you email from all of us.

[*ed. note: we inadvertantly wrote 2007 at first, until carnacki pointed out that our time travel adventures have been playing havoc with our temporal grounding.]

addendum: howie returns our email with a gracious and self-efacing: "thanks; it was a real group effort."
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