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Sunday, August 06, 2006

good thing college roommates don't vote

david wyles, joe lieberman's college roommate, writes in the connecticut journal inquirer:

if sen. joseph lieberman had merely voted for a stupid and wrongheaded war, it wouldn't have been so bad. but along with bush, he wanted saddam gone in the worst way, even before 9/11. he allowed the lies bush and co. told to pass by unremarked, unchallenged. in fact, he has been an unrepentant "cheerleader" for bush's war on iraq - "out of principle," he says. what, by god, is that "principle"? the talmud itself establishes a general prohibition on elective or preemptive war ("milchemet reshut"), doesn't it?

adding constitutional insult to talmudic injury, lieberman issues a not-so-veiled warning that if anyone speaks out against the war or its "commander-in-chief", he will be undermining our president's "credibility," putting our nation at "peril". what utter, un-constitutional hogwash, my friend.

bill clinton said, "joe lieberman is a friend of mine. i love him and he's in a tough race."

indeed. as an old friend and yale roommate of joe lieberman's, i can empathize with his situation.

but sometimes you have to consider what's best for your country rather than what's best for your friend.

joe, as your old friend and college roommate, i regret to tell you that if i were living in connecticut, i would vote for ned lamont.
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