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Saturday, July 01, 2006

seven of nine sings ben folds five


it's music that's out of this quadrant! rock so alternative that even we don't get the joke!

yes, it's everyone's favorite borg singing the hits of everyone's favorite now-defunct too-hip-for-the-scene alternative trio!

you'll get all the songs that make the collective rock in perfect synchronization, like

jackson chakotay
uncle walter koenig
where's summer b'elanna torres?
alice krieg childress
the battle of sector 001 could care less
kate (janeway)
neelix's last night in town,


one angry ferengi and 200 solemn faces

yes, it's the perfect fusion of jazz, punk, piano, flesh and machine! buy "seven of nine sings ben folds five" today!

resistance is futile!
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If it wasn't for 7's ex husband, Obama would not about to become president
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