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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

the 'roo calls the big dog

skippy, upon hearing of the egregious behavior which his personal friend jane hamsher suffered at the hands of joe-nertia's staff at the bill clinton speech yesterday, called the clinton's office at 212-348-8882, ext. #3, and read a prepared text onto the recording.

unfortunately for skippy, he hadn't read the firedoglake thread far enough to find out that you should press ext. #4 to talk to a live person, so he was stuck talking to a recording, which kept shutting down after a specified amount of time. skippy, being the dedicated kangaroo that he is, continuously called back:

hello president clinton, my name is skippy the bush kangaroo, i voted for you both times when you ran for president.

i’m calling to tell you how disappointed i am that you chose to associate yourself with joe lieberman by campaigning for him yesterday. now i am not referring to his policies, but rather to the fact that his staff refused entrance to two registered democrats who had legitimate tickets to hear you speak, one of whom was a connecticut resident. their names are jane hamsher and spazeboy and they wanted very much to hear what you had to say.

while they are both active in the campaign to elect ned lamont, neither has ever disrupted a lieberman event, heckled a lieberman speech or in anyway caused problems. but since they are known to be the opposition they were excluded from seeing you and hearing your speech.
at this point, the machine thanked skippy for his time, and hung up. skippy called back:

hello, president clinton, this is skippy again, calling about jane hamsher and spazeboy getting ejected from your speech for joe lieberman yesterday.

is this what the democratic party has come down to? refusing entry to a public event to citizens that happen to disagree with those in charge? that’s something that george w. bush has done throughout his administration, and there are numerous instances of people even going to jail for simply wearing an opposition button or tee shirt.

this kind of fascism is not the democratic party i know. for you to be associated with this kind of elitist exclusivity not only does not reflect well on you, but will ultimately not reflect well on your wife, sen. clinton, should she want to obtain any higher office.

i’m a blogger, i’ve been blogging for 4 years, and jane is a blogger, both of us attended the yearlykos in las vegas last month. i know markos of dailykos and duncan of eschaton and pretty much all the major bloggers, and i can assure you that this story will not sit well with the readers of our blogs who thought america was the land of free speech and the freedom to associate.
once again, the recording thanked skippy for his time and hung up. skippy called right back:

sorry president clinton, skippy again, and i was almost finished with my comment when your machine hung up on me. i just want to say, thank you for your time, and for your patience, and if i might, i would suggest you make a public statement condemning this action.

oh, and, i always wanted to know...did monica use her tongue in any way?
ok, skippy didn't really say that last part, but he was adamant and unwavering in his commitment to be heard, as we all should be.
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