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Monday, July 24, 2006


gladkov, commenting on our diary about joeboxer over at dkos, put together an amazing list of reasons to not vote for joe lieberman, which we reproduce here, en toto (and dorothy, too):

tell me you are a dem and not appauled by this list:

  • interference in the schiavo matter (meanwhile nothing about texas futile care law with which people who cannot afford life support are yanked)

  • support of nafta/cafta

  • support of the bush energy policy

  • willingness to deny rape victims emergency contraception

  • support of someone from the international arabian horse association to run fema

  • his unwillingness to demand censure on wiretapping

  • support of no child left behind'

  • support of school vouchers

  • support of a non-provoked attack on iran

  • interest in privatizing social security

  • support of gonzales and the torture policy

  • vote on cloture for alito

  • yes confirmation vote on rice

  • support of the bankruptcy bill

  • support of defence of marriage act (clinton did too, both were wrong)

  • supported our ports being run by dubai

  • for telling democrats they criticize the president at their own peril (of course, no republican ever criticized clinton)

  • friends with rush limbaugh and sean hannity, who call democrats terrorists

  • friends with convicted felon, former governor john rowland

  • does not comport self like opposition party member, e.g. one of the few democrat
    attendees at a valentines soiree with the bushes

  • supported bush on faith-based programs that spread lies about choice and abortions http://www.whitehouse.gov/news/releases/2002/02/images/20020207-9.html

  • has essentially endorsed john mccain for president. “i hope he runs.”

  • against universal health care.

  • against gay marriage, not proposed anything on domestic partner benefits

  • on iraq: time magazine's baghdad bureau chief michael ware: “either senator lieberman is so divorced from reality that he's completely lost the plot or he knows
    he's spinning a line. because one of my colleagues turned to me in the middle of this lunch and said he's not talking about any country i've ever been to and yet he
    was talking about iraq, the very country where we were sitting"

  • yes vote for john roberts

  • voted to stop federal aid to public schools that used materials "supportive of

  • at memorial day parade, marched with republican nancy johnson while ignoring dem. candidate chris murphy

  • formed his own party, to run against the democratic opponent, if he loses the primary

  • was hostile and boorish to opponent ned lamont in primary debate, treated dick cheney with kid gloves in vice presidential debate.

  • has been seen on fox news more than in connecticut

  • has been in downtown baghdad more than downtown bridgeport
addendum: snowball, commenting over at crooks&liars, suggests we can add voting for alberto gonzales to the list as well.
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