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Sunday, July 23, 2006

lieberman stood up the for the blacks in america...40 years ago

the hartford courant paints a picture of connecticut african-americans that aren't too impressed by sen. lieberman:

sean smith, lieberman's campaign manager, said the senator has a solid record in the african american community that dates from his participation in civil rights marches in mississippi in 1963.

"joe lieberman has a 40-year record of fighting for civil rights and progressive causes, and it's something i'm sure bill clinton will talk about when he is here campaigning for him," smith said.

but in hartford's north end, lieberman was dismissed saturday as distant from the everyday concerns of african americans. as the democrat vice presidential nominee in 2000 and a presidential candidate in 2004, lieberman is seen in some quarters as neglecting his local base.

at the rajun cajun, an eatery where the greater hartford african american alliance meets over breakfast every saturday, it took no coaxing to elicit complaints about lieberman.

[rep. maxine] waters, a prominent member of the congressional black caucus who has clashed with lieberman over affirmative action and school vouchers, addressed the alliance with lamont, who has visited at least twice before. "i don't live around hartford, but i'm told the present senator doesn't come here," waters said.

"that's true," replied steve harris, a former hartford councilman, who sat with arms crossed.

"is the senator someone who cares about you?" waters asked.

"doesn't seem that way," someone called out.

"tell me, do you think ned lamont has a chance up here?" waters asked.

"oh, yeah," harris answered.
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