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Friday, July 28, 2006

lest we forget

" ... I rise today to make a most difficult and distasteful statement ... the President of the United States had just confessed to engaging in an extramarital affair ..."

"... disgraceful behavior ... "

"... it is hard to ignore the impact of the misconduct the President has admitted to on our children, our culture and our national character."

"Such behavior is not just inappropriate. It is immoral. "

"... it sends a message of what is acceptable behavior to the larger American family, particularly to our children ..."

"... This is unfortunately familiar territory for Americas families in today's anything-goes culture, where sexual promiscuity is too often treated as just another lifestyle choice."

"... the President has undercut the efforts of millions of American parents who are naturally trying to instill in our children the value of honesty."

"... my feelings of disappointment and anger have not dissipated. "

"... these feelings have gone beyond my personal dismay to a larger, graver sense of loss for our country ..."

"... ultimately an accounting of the impact of his actions on our democracy and its moral foundations ..."

.".. the transgressions the President has admitted to are too consequential for us to walk away and leave the impression for our children and for our posterity that what President Clinton acknowledges he did within the White House is acceptable behavior for our nation's leader."

- Sen. Joseph Lieberman, D (CT)

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