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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

it's not easy being green, eh

but the canadians are building some cool "green" roofs...that are making sense ecologically and economically....go figure, eh?

The north and south sides of the roof on the Robertson Building in downtown
Toronto look as different as the before-and-after photos in a men's hair
replacement ad. While the north side is a bald expanse of asphalt roofing, the
south side has been transformed into a luxuriant meadow of indigenous grasses
and wildflowers.

It is a rare example of a Canadian building owner looking beyond the
lack of any major payback associated with installing a green roof and seeing the
bigger picture of environmental stewardship in urban areas.

For Urbanspace Property Group, owner of the Robertson Building and
another on nearby Richmond Street, the rooftop meadow is also a selling point
for the kinds of tenants the Toronto-based firm likes to attract -- film
production companies, galleries, design firms and non-profit

"We want our tenants to love it here, stay here and tell their
friends," says Anne Currie, Urbanspace's environment, health and safety
co-ordinator, as she stood on the deck above the grasses that covers more than a
third of the Robertson's 20,000-square-foot roof. "We want them to have a great
outdoor space where they can hold meetings if they want -- or do yoga, or play
the guitar. And we want them to know that the building owners care about the
environment." - globe and mail

check more out at greenroofs.net!

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