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Thursday, July 13, 2006

happy blogiversary!* to us!

this week marks the 4th blogiversary* of our humble site. yes, we've been bringing you news and snark, not in that order, for four years now, and is our tradition on this occasion, we'd like to reprint our very first post.

ok kids, this is my first attempt at blogging. why blogging? because i can. it's a lot like mt. everest in that way. we are all climbing the peaks of cyberspace to get to the pinnacle (or is it pinochle? i prefer canasta).

the web is one huge library full of books that didn't have to go through an editor to get published. is that good or bad? in truth, it's neither (ok, i've seen some of these blogs, you're right, it is bad). but nonetheless, as the french say, pass the fries!

i gotta start off with thoughts about mr. bush's speech. didn't work for me. not me personally, but my stock portfolio. i spent most of this morning selling at least half of my holdings. one sep-ira which i had started in 1993, and had doubled in value by 2000, had fallen all the back to original value plus $50 as of end of trading today.

i hate to tell you kids this, but we're in the middle of another great depression. that's ok, though, i'm old enough that my parents grew up during the first one, so i know some good techniques for saving money.
notice the use of first person singular. this was before skippy international hired the flank of editors which busily create the opinions you read here every day, in the plural editorial (or royal) "we."

and as also is our tradition on our blogiversary, we'd like to thank some of the people without whom this whole enterprise would not have been possible.

first of all, tho this blog has been operating continuously for four years, it's not all the work of skippy or his editors. we have to thank our tireless co-bloggers, cookie jill, and carnacki, and mimus pauly, and rj eskow, and dbk, and tami the one true, and george johnson and pudentilla (and sometimes holden) without whom the constant blogging would not be possible.

we, as always, give our humble thanks to our fellow bloggers who have supported us since the first days. foremost among these would be our friend jeralyn merrit of talkleft, and the stalwart eric alterman for their early support. of course, the big guys, markos and duncan, who also gave us links early in our career, and support us to this day. and a special thank you to tom tomorrow, one of the earliest champions of our work.

but this year especially we got encouragement and big time traffic from our friends jane hamsher and the gang at firedoglake, and digby, and bob harris, and the never-angry maryscott o'connor and the hard-working brad friedman and the erudite glenn greenwald.

a special thank you to steveaudio and dave johnson of seeing the forest, chidyke and the whole gang at correntewire, as well as sean paul and ian of the agonist.

we'd also be remiss if we didn't mention the two people responsible for the wonderful remodeling of this humble site: the lovely and talented lauren, formerly of feministe, who redesigned the template, and the equally lovely and talented august j. pollack of xoverboard, who created the cute skippy logo.

and, special thank you's go to susan of easy bake coven, who wrote us our first letter, and to devra of blue streak, who lent us access to her comments program, and without both of whose encouragement, we would have regarded this activity of "blogging" as a big waste of our time (much like mrs. skippy does!)

but most of all, we offer a big thank you to you, our dear readers, for your continued patronage. it is your appreciation of our attempts to separate the signal from the noise that makes it worthwhile to go on. it is your approval and positive reception for which we blog.

thank you for making us one of your stops in blogtopia.

and yes! we coined that phrase!

*yes! talkleft coined that phrase!

addendum: our marketing department is pleased to announce a limited blogiversary special price of $16 (our cost!) for every skippy tee shirt sold for the rest of july!
$16 is cheap! email us with your order, with the words "skippy tee shirt" in the subject line, and we'll do the rest! and remember...
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