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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

happy birthday

to our buddy jane hamsher of firedoglake!

who, along with connecticut resident spazeboy, got thrown out of the bill clinton stump speech for joe lieberman for, well, for being jane hamsher (and spazeboy):

both jane and spazeboy had legitimate tickets, and neither have disrupted lieberman's speeches or caused a ruckus, unless you consider asking the senator questions about his positions "causing a ruckus" (which, apparently, joe-nertia does).

it doesn't make bill clinton look good, being associated with gestapo tactics that refuses to let the opposition just listen to his speech.

why not email bill at the clinton foundation, or call him at 212-348-8882, to let him know how you feel about his hanging out with people that bar citizens from open public events?

(thanks to jenny from the blog for the clinton foundation info!)

addendum: mia culpa is reporting that the lieberman campaign insists the reason the two were refused admittance is because their names were not on the list (what is this cbgb's?), and according to spazeboy himself, he did indeed have someone else's ticket. we're not sure about jane's ticket at this point.
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