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Monday, July 03, 2006

dscc? ds-no-no!

lea-p, commenting over at roger ailes (the good one) has a great idea concerning joe-nertia's decision to leave the democratic party if he loses to ned lamont next month:

tell the dscc what you think about boltin' joe (info via fdl comments):

phone numbers;

dscc leadership phone numbers - call reid and schumer and then your regional leader and lincoln as the women’s leader:

democratic senatorial campaign committee at 202-224-2447

harry reid 202-224-3542nevada senator/ senate democratic leader

charles schumer 202-224-6542new york senator, dscc chair

barbara boxer 202-224-3553california senator/ california vice chair

barack obama 202-224-2854illinois senator/ midwest vice chair

mark pryor 202-224-2353arkansas senator/ southern vice chair

jack reed 202-224-4642rhode island senator/ northeast vice chair

ron wyden 202-224-5244oregon senator/ western vice chair

blanche lincoln 202-224-4843arkansas senator/ women’s senate network chair
another commentor somewhere else (sorry, we've been busy surfing blogtopia (y!wctp!) and can't remember who said what anymore) reminds us that sen. reid said something about "consequences."

you may want to remind his office of that when you call.

addendum: maybe you won't have to. check out the "member posts" over at harry reid's site.
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