s skippy the bush kangaroo: don't piss skippy off

skippy the bush kangaroo

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

don't piss skippy off

reader sean sends us notice that scientists have found proof that skippy's ancestors were killer roos. reuters:

university of new south wales team said the fearsome fossils were among 20 previously unknown species uncovered at a site in northwest queensland state.

professor michael archer said on wednesday the remains of a meat-eating kangaroo with wolf-like fangs were found as well as a galloping kangaroo with long forearms that could not hop like a modern kangaroo.

"because they didn't hop, these were galloping kangaroos, with big, powerful forelimbs. some of them had long canines (fangs) like wolves," archer told australian broadcasting corp radio…

the species found at the dig had "well muscled-in teeth, not for grazing. these things had slicing crests that could have crunched through bone and sliced off flesh," [paleontologist sue] hand said.
if you think skippy is threatening, wait until you meet the 'duck of doom':

the team also found prehistoric lungfish and large duck-like birds.

"very big birds ... more like ducks, earned the name 'demon duck of doom', some at least may have been carnivorous as well," hand told abc radio.
so now...what was your complaint about lack of capital letters?
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