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Thursday, July 27, 2006

cue donna summers

msoc and mcjoan will be on the radio...woah woh woah woh on the radio....woah woh woah woh on the radio (radio radio radio)...

from msoc's self-described blogwhoring (and we say that with the most possible respect):

at the risk of being flayed alive for my blatant self-promoting, attention whoring ways, i thought i might give those of you who give a shit a heads up about my radio appearance this morning. (hey, mike stark does it all the time -- i've often wondered why i get so much flak for doing the exact same thing -- is it because when he goes on right wing radio, he's openly hostile? or what? meh -- talk about getting off topic...)

i'll let the producer, emily wilson, give you the info:

this is a live show, your call, a political affairs and culture show on kalw radio in san francisco . . . it airs from 10-11 am. the host is mary ambrose and chris nolan from "spot on" will be in our studio...

[it will be] a show about hillary being the front runner for the democratic nomination. what does that mean for the democratic party? who's excited about her? who isn't? we would like to have someone on from the left who is not excited about the idea of hillary being president.

also, it looks like we'll have joan mccarter (aka mcjoan of dkos) on for the first part. it is a call-in show, just to let you know and we're an npr affiliate, if i didn't already say that.

people can listen online and call in if they want. here's the web site:

show time: 10-11ampt/1-2pmet.
phone numbers: 415-841-4134 (bay area)
866-798-talk (toll-free)
webcast: listen to the show online
radio: tune into kalw 91.7 fm in the san francisco bay area.
give a listen, kids! these are two of the most savvy ladies in blogtopia! and yes! we coined that phrase!

ps we're listening noW
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