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Monday, July 24, 2006

bury the lead

susan haigh over at bosglobe echoes the latest cry for help from joe-nertia's camp in today's article, mainly, if joe loses, all the other dems will probably lose, too!

let's put aside the monumental ego that has to go into the shaping of such a world view (tho we admit that if skippy stops blogging, every other blog will most assuredly shut down) and just examine the logic therein.

but ed patru, a spokesman for the republican congressional committee, said if lieberman's name appears on the november ballot as an independent, democratic voters will be drawn away from the party.

"it has a negative impact on the democratic party's base," he said. "it makes their (publicity) confusing and it takes a lot of energy out of the party's grass roots in a year when they need everything they can to challenge three independent, well-funded, republican incumbents."
gee, thanks for being so concerned, mr. repubbblican. where have we heard that kind of concern for dems before?

but then we get down to the nitty gritty:

lieberman has traditionally given money to his fellow connecticut democrats. state rep. robert godfrey, d-danbury, a lieberman supporter, said both lieberman and u.s. sen. christopher dodd, d-conn., have contributed $800,000 to $1 million to the state party in election years. that money is then distributed to candidates running across the state.
oh ho! it's the fear that joe-nertia will take his money and go home. that's the problem!

be that as it may, we had to read all the way down to the bottom of the article to find an opposing viewpoint, and one that we would not discount:

some democrats, however, said privately monday that a lamont primary win could help the other democrat candidates. they speculated that lamont could help drive turnout and enthusiasm on election day should he defeat lieberman on aug. 8.

sandra proper of waterbury, who waited in line to see clinton on monday night, said she's not worried about other democratic candidates should lieberman lose the primary.

"there's enough publicity in tv, if people watch tv," she said. "and who doesn't watch tv?"
who, indeed?
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