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Saturday, June 10, 2006

warner peace

live blogging gov. mark warner's luncheon speech.

skippy the bush kangaroo here, and remember kids, all things are paraphrased, i'm a blogger, not a secretary, nothing is ver batim.

the southern strategy panel went long, loved it, (tho when i introduced myself to joe trippi, who links to me on his blog, and even sent me an invite for the g8 concerts, he had no frickin' clue who i was...much like when i introduced myself to arianna huffington at her book party a few weeks ago...fame is fleeting), but i got out of the panel too late to grab a box lunch. but i am sitting here next to my good blog buddy dave johnson of seeing the forest, who did a smash up job on the progressive infrastructure panel this morning. i did manage to rummage an apple and chocolate chip cookie out of a tossed box lunch (felt like the reagan years again).

also at the table, jennifer nix who published glenn greenwald's book, how would a patriot act?, and ian welsh of bopnews and the agonist.

markos is currently on stage saying that when ykos was being formed, everyone scoffed, especially in dc, except for two people: harry reid, but hey, he was coming home anyway, and gov. mark warner.

now a video is playing about warner. i will take a minute to eat my apple and cookie.

gov. warner is now on stage: this is a great convention and i appreciate the opportunity to talk with you and engage you. it's been 5 months since i left the office of the gov. in those 5 months i traveled to 23 states and 4 countries. man, nobody told me being unemployed was going to be so much work.

i've seen what you, the netroots, are doing. we are running 427 candidates for the house. that's more than the repubbbs ran in 1994. and that's thanks to your hard work.

at 26 he was flat broke, living out of his car, sleeping on his friends couches. someone told him about cell phones (in 1982). he may be the only speaker who encourages you to turn your cell phones on when he's speaking. he was one of the two guys to co-found nextel.

he ran for us senate in 1996, got the silver medal. then ran for governor in a state that hasn't had a dem governor for years (sorry kids i missed the year). he stands before us as a man who was blessed with the american dream. he can't think of another country where you can fail and get another shot.

everyone talks about values. well he thinks the american value is that everybody should get a fair shot at the american dream.

he wants to change away from traditional ideological lines, liberal v. conservative, red v. blue. it should be past v. the future.

virginia passed the most comprehensive tax reform in the nation. in a post-katrina world, management isn't about $$ and cents, it's about how government can deliver basic services, which can be a matter of life and death.

(skippy note: first time i heard the words "post-katrina world" instead of "post-911 world." also, dave johnson and i agree, this is a pretty generic speech so far).

warner: we took a failing health insurance program, turned it around, added 136,000 more kids getting health care. we added 700 miles of broadband, largest rural broadband in the nation. in politics people look at the wedge issues. in virginia we took the opposite approach, we got things done, and i left with an 80% approval rating, a record, we picked up seats, and elected a great gov. tim kaine, because in virginia, we know what it is to be a democrat and we know how to win.

we said, if we're going to outsource jobs, we should create knowledged-based jobs in town like lebonan (va.). we said we're going to take any good idea, we don't care if it had an r or a d attached to it. imagine if that's the way things worked in washington. i think it could be.

my biggest problem with this president is not something he's done, it's something he's not done. this president has never tried to bring this country. he's always divided, said democrats are caught in a pre-911 mindset. well, i'm the first person election after 911, i watched the pentagon burn from my election headquarters. i met with the firefighters that had to go into that rubble.

there is so much to be done. we must make america safe and secure. we could start with a foreign policy that unites our friends and divides our enemies and not the reverse (huge applause).

look at iraq, selective leaks, used up military when our real threat is in iran. you know i've run businesses and i've governed a state, when things aren't working you hold people accountable. and i'd start with a new secretary of defense (everyone cheers here).

we're glad to see the end of zarqawi, but the iraq government has to show they can step up and govern. i'd give them months not years. and this can't be only america's problem. we have to bring in iraq's neighbors, they have a stake in a stable iraq.

of course this needs someone that would lead with a 21st century approach. america needs someone more than talking about american values, we need someone who lives american values, (applause) who dosen't come with an on and off switch when it comes to obeying the law (big applause).

think about our current policy. we borrow money from china to buy oil from countries that don't like us. our federal government spends less than $2 billion a year on energy development. we spend $6 billion a month on iraq. we could redeploy and spend that money on energy development, but that would require an administration that believes in science.

(huge motherf*cking applause here).

these people are still debating evolution!

why don't we have an agenda to compete in the world. we're not going to compete if we have the most expensive health care system in the world, and 48 million americans without any health care at all (skippy note: maybe i got that number wrong, kids). we can't compete without adequate broadband.

and we need to keep the net a level playing field. (room goes nuts here). net neutrality is a vital part of keeping america to go forward. (huge applause)

we have an administration that is not fiscally competent. (applause) the changes needed is not incrmental change, it's trasnformative change. it's going to take all of us working together, and putting our country's interest first, and not dems and repubbbs.

unlike this president and this administration, i have faith and confidence in the american people.

each generation is charged with earning success thru hard work. each generation is charged with protecting that most important american value, a fair shake and a fair shot.

i think it's up to us, as americans more than democrats, to lead the way. because the democratic party has always been at its best when we thought a little bit farther down the road. there isn't any region, any state that we can't be competitive in. we've got a lot work ahead of us let's go get this done.

(huge standing ovation here).
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