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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

voting townhall addendum

the brad blog sent us a note of thanks for skippy's participation in last night's voting accountability town hall meeting. tho skippy was taking notes fast and furiously, he managed to get a few minor details wrong, which bradblog was happy to correct:

thanks for turning out...great to see you there. wish we had a few more progressive bloggers (like, say, all of them!) who understood the importance of this and what the hell is going on here. yes, even more important than net neutrality as you aptly noted in your fine coverage!

a couple of points, for accuracy, in re: your blog item which you may wish to correct as you see fit...

the pollworker you reference as patty newton, from the votergate film, isn't named patty newton. i forget her name, but bev's scene with that poll worker was from just prior to the 2004 election in san diego, as opposed to this past election.

the clip i played from lou dobbs, however (with almost the identical information) was with poll worker patty newton and her experience in the june 6th 2006 election.

brad blog originally reported patty's story (one of several poll workers who reported the same thing, taking voting machines home for days and weeks prior to the election) here.

re: the numbers on the harri hursti hack in leon county, florida. this one's likely my fault because i mucked up the numbers last night, and had to do a "second take"...but the real numbers in that mock-election were:

no: 6 yes: 2
...but when those ballots were scanned, the reported results from the diebold optical-scan system were:

no: 1 yes: 7
the election was completely flipped without a trace left behind save for a manual hand count of the paper ballots (as must be done in the busby/bilbray race to determine if the results are indeed accurate).

and because accuracy counts (but only apparently for blogs and not ap or ny times, etc.) in re: this graf:

more problems with the san diego elections: cal. sec. of state bruce macpherson re-certified diebold machines, even tho the software contains "interpretive code," which is strictly forbidden by section 19250 of the fec guidelines. of course, skippy has reported on macpherson's sneaky re-certification.
it's actually the fec voting systems standards that prohibit the use of "interpreted code" in electronic voting machines. california state election code 19250 says that ca may only certify systems if they are both federal qualified and adhere to all federal voting system standards. since diebold systems (both op-scan and touch-screen) contain the banned "interpreted code", they should never have been qualified federally in the first place, and they certainly don't conform with the federal voting system standards which prohibits it.

thanks again for all my friend! loading up the democracy train and heading down to san diego momentarily! hope to see a bunch of skippy roos there!

---brad friedman
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