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Monday, June 19, 2006

the story so far

skippy's posts on the bloggers who take telco ads which undermine net neutrality:

skippy asks matt stoller of mydd how he, after leading the panel on net neutrality at ykos, justifies taking money from the telcos.

matt responds, and a conversation almost ensues.

skippy refuses to take the ad on his his own blog.

sorry to beat this horse, but it ain't dead yet.

call your senators (skippy did), tell them to support dorgan & snowe's bipartisan bill s.2917 to preserve net neutrality.

also, steve gilliard and annatopia have pledged to donate the money they got from the telco ad to savetheinternet.com. good on ya, mates!

how about all of the other blogs?

addendum: maryscott o'connor has a huge disclaimer (written in her usual reticent style) under the ad on my left wing. partial credit to her!
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