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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

skippy international calls sen. feinstein

we called sen. diane feinstein's washington office to register our opinions about net neutrality.

we first got a recording of the senator telling us we were in line to be helped by her staff, but we'd be automatically disconnected after two minutes, and we might want to call back later.

while we were deciding how long two minutes on hold would seem like (an annoyance? an hour? an eternity?) a young man came on the line and identified himself as scott and asked how he could help us.

we told him skippy was a constituents of the senator's here in los angeles, and that we would like the senator to vote in favor of net neutrality on the upcoming bill.

we admitted we forgot the number of the bill currently in the senate [ed. note: it's s.2917], but scott informed us he knew which one we were talking about. we told him we believed it was the one by sens. snowe and dorgan, and we strongly urged the senator to vote in favor of it.

we then went on to say that skippy was a blogger, and a very popular blogger (ok, we lied), and that the bloggers will be watching senator feinstein's position on this. scott asked for our zip code, and assured us he would pass our comments on to the senator.

we don't know if we instilled the fear of blogtopia (yes! we coined that phrase, and that image of fearing it, too!) into sen. feinstein's office, but we do know that the more people that call and register their support for net neutrality, the more chance we have of keeping it.
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