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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

the skippy challenge

we are not trying to be jerks here, but we think this is a very important point.

everyone in blogtopia (and yes, we coined that phrase!) knows how much we love and admire and respect the other blogs on our roll, many of whom gave us support in our early days.

but many of those same ads are still running the "save the internet" ad, which, as we all know, is financed by the telco's, is completely against net neutrality, and, to the casual surfer (ie, someone who comes to blogs and for the first time) might actually be quite persuasive.

this seems to us to be an incredibly short-sighted and stupid move.

the agonist and my left wing have permanent disclaimers on their blogs by the ad.

annatopia and steve gilliard have pledged to donate the money the get from the ad to savetheinternet.com.

matt stoller of mydd, disagrees, as he pointed out in an exchange on that blog.

skippy refuses to run the ad.

if it was only a matter of editorial choice versus ad revenue (tho we pretty much eviscerate that argument here), then we would just leave it at "to each their own, and who are we to say anything?"

but on this specific issue, it comes down to taking short term profit instead of long term problem solving. blogs who run the ad are taking money from the very people that want to limit our ability to access our audience (and visa versa).

thus the skippy challenge: we call upon the blogs currently running the ad to to either (a) put up a permanent disclaimer next to the ad for as long as the ad runs, or (b) donate the amount of money you received from the ad revenue to savetheinternet.com.

to show our good faith, skippy international will donate to savetheinternet.com the total amount of ad revenue that we would charge for three months, had we taken the ad.

granted, skippy's revenue is not as big as most of those other blogs. but at this point, every little bit going to savetheinternet.com will help us in this matter.

and for everyone else, call your senators, tell them to support s.2917, and visit savetheinternet.com.

addendum: how could we? we failed to mention our good buddies at the square state, who originally took the ad, then talked it over, and then took the ad off the blog! good for them!

double addendum: and the lovely mad kane is also taking up arms against blogs who run astroturf anti-neutrality ads, and there's going to be hell to pay! she wrote a limerick about the whole thing!

triple addendum: and the loaded mouth also refused the ad!
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