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Saturday, June 10, 2006

sailing the priva- sea

privacy panel live blogging continued:

greenwald: when the president says he can ignore laws, debate becomes meaningless. what lies ahead, what are our options?

jeannie of aclu: torture, indefinite detention, warrantless wiretapping, is this our america? at the aclu we say heck no. well, we're the aclu, so we use a stronger word.

this president hasn't vetoed legislation, he uses signing statements, a complete disregard for rule of law. bush is here now, but the truth is that congress is falling down on the job, putting partisan loyalty over the constitution. when we talk to legislators, they say, well the polls say americans don't care.

the problem is the polls are asking the wrong question. our polls indicate people believe no one, including the president is above the law. 60% in their internal poll say the president shouldn't be acting alone (without congress) in war on terror. majority of voters are skeptical that bush needed to do it without warrants. majority reject bush's claim congress gave him authority to eavesdrop on americans without a warrant.

majority disapprove (82%) of secret searches of homes without notice. indefinite holding 57% strongly believe it's a problem. the only way to change it is the people in this room. we need more civil libitarians of both parties in congress.
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