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Saturday, June 10, 2006

progressive live blogging

hi kids skippy the bush kangaroo here live blogging the "building a progressive infrastructure" panel at ykos.

dave johnson of seeing the forest moderates.
repubbblicans are good at marketing what bush would call conservativity. how did it get to be that way?

back in teh 50's and 60's most americans agreed it was good to help each other, pay taxes, help the poor, what limbaugh would call "llllliberal" things.

dems could rely on progressive majority. but after goldwater's defeat the repubbbs set up marketing-oriented organizations to get their message out.

commonweal.org, look for resources button, it will give you history of how repubbbs set up strategic narrative that liberals are bad and stupid and evil.

with no counter argument from the liberals, the public believes it. imagine that, a public that was trained to respond to marketing responded to marketing.

most progressive organizations aren't designed to reach the general public. "if we just get our facts out to the public, they'll support us." that's not how it works, kids.

two harvard students remind dave of the "got milk," campaign. the problem was people were drinking less milk, not individual milk brands. so the milk brands got together and made "got milk," so everybody drank more milk, and every brand benefitted.

so, dave says, stop emphasizing individual issues that tear us apart, and emphasize the underlying values that keep us together.

we need to find and build organizations with leaders, writers, thinkers, to get our values out to the public.

also we need to work on political operations, recruiting, and the need to make a living.

we need to pay blogggers! ha ha ha!

david sirota: "infrastructure": there really is a well-funded system that takes the right's ideology and markets it, often in ways hard to believe.

examples: think tanks, critical pieces to the right; the cato instituted funded by chevron exxon and mobile. makes a report on energy saying "fossil fuels are becoming more abundant." the heritage foundation issues an op-ed saying "cars clean our air." townhall.com issued an op-ed called "in praise of price gouging" after katrina.

what this tells us is there is a well-funded infrastructure to turn the most ridiculous dishonest lines of thinking into legitimate debate in public policy.

so in my work, i focus on the infrastructure that actually deals and shapes with ideas.

the progressives have terms that do not connect with the public. how do we change that? we need to finance research to package our ideas and get them into the debate. dave is working on the progressive states network.

alec (a bad guy repubbb, didn't get his name) who got the georgia legislature to outlaw wage increase, called a wage repeal act. the progressive states network hopes to counter that sort of work at the state level.

the infrastructure re-building is not reinventing the wheel, because many state legislators are not aware of what's happening in other state legislatures.

also need progressive media infrastructure.
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Tell me when you all stop drinking the kool-aid. Thanks for all the laughs this is the funniest sight I have ever been on.
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