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Saturday, June 10, 2006

progress and cons

infrastructure live blogging continued:


dave johnson: connecting new ideas with funds, try newprogressivecoalition.com, visit and learn their process. you said we're not reaching out to red states, maybe it's the other way around, maybe they are red because we're not reaching out to them.

kos: it's a puzzle, you need different pieces, local talk radio. etc.

miles, designer of cover for crashing the gate: we talk about pendulum metaphor, but we all realize it's more of a tug of war. who do you see as our up and coming american enterprize institute or hoover institute that we should be talking up?

dave johnson: the roosevelt institute think tank, and the commonweal institute, center for american progress.

dave sirota: the center on budget priorities, public citizen, is doing the best research bar none on a daily basis. i would encourage people to get involved with them. progressivestates.org (sirota's gig) isn't as well funded, but we have a huge opportunity at the state and local level right now. if you put a third of the people in this room alone into a room with 5 or 10 of your local legislator back home and tell them you want them to vote for x y and z, they will listen.

jerome: the democraticstrategist.com, a place for people advocating different strategies, bringing political scientists together with magazine writers.

johnson: the drum major institute.
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