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Saturday, June 10, 2006

privacy rights and privacy wrongs

privacy rights panel live bloggin continued

q & a:

ralph: when i sat thru the alioto hearings, i had a deja vu to florida. we don't fight to win. we can't worry about fighting fair or hard, we have to fight to win.

we need progressives, conservatives to stand up to bush. frankly, we're the conservatives now, we're trying to protect the bill of rights.

glenn: what are the prospects of obtaining judicial review? the problem is the judiciary has been as deferential as the congress to stand up to bush's claim of privilege. what the administration is doing is saying there can be no challenges brought in the national security area.

i don't place hope based on what i've seen on the judiciary, but hopefully it's changing.

jeannie of aclu: we'd love your input on combatting that, like the fcc complaints, local utility boards.

monday will be the first hearing in a federal court on the nsa issue.

q: the idea that this is a good thing for business is not true. source code, private stock information, inventions, court case information, all very valuable, should be private. and this is passing from agency to agency and turning up in dumpsters. insider trading, someone will lose a lot of money, and corporations should be worried.

jeannie: this adminstration thinks they are above any law.

ralph: on 750 occasions bush says they reserve the right not to enforce the law. this has never been expressed ever in our entire history.

q: how can we personalize this issue in communication with non-progressives? people look at you like a lunatic. most people can't relate to terrorists in guantanamo.

ralph: all three of us would agree progressives don't do a good enough job of putting a human face on these issues, the right does. we've got to cut thru the arcane discussion of law (tho its important).

glenn: it really is a non-ideological discussion, because the things we're talking about are core american principles, the right of americans not to be jailed with cause, etc. if you talk about privacy in the abstract, lots of americans will not care. so personalize it. when he was litigating, one of the goals is to make life hell for the other side, so get someone else's phone bills.

so illustrate that phone bills show all aspects of your life, the government could see it all.

ralph: what polls best is ameria works best when no one party is in power. people can understand that.

q: folks assume in 2 or 4 years we might get power, but in reality the abuses are being institutionanlized now. but why would repubbbs do it when the dems could get into power and do the exploiting? what are they thinking?

glenn: i think you're giving them more credit for logic than they deserve. when clinton was in power repubbbs hated fisa because it met in secret. now they love secrets. they hated kosovo but love iraq. they don't have consistency of logic, it's about gaining power.

ralph: i disagree, i think the right wing has figured out to keep the power, you get alioto and roberts and a 6-3 majority supreme court, you can perpetuate george bush well into the 21st century. that's the way they keep it going.

glenn: i think the issue is in 2008 if there's a dem president who attempts to invoke these principles of executive power, the repubbbs will go back to hating that.

q: jane harman is the democrat most responsible for the nsa getting to this point. marcy winograd lost but got 38%. would the panel support more challenges to blue dog democrats?

ralph: i think its important to critcize politicos when they don't stand up for our values. feingold and leahy haven't forgiven me for my remarks on their support of john roberts. the bottom line is, if progressives are not doing the job, they should be replaced with progressives that will.

glenn: jane harman has done as much to destroy checks and balances as anyone. glenn says if you're going to critcize arlan specter, where are all the great democrats besides feingold who stand up to bush? if politicos have a d after their name but don't stand up, they don't deserve our support.

q: is going in a revolt direction a valid way to go? can we bypass legislation?

jeannie: because of the hard work of people in this room we provided a level of courage to the senators to allow them to filibuster. it's hard work but we have to continue.
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