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Saturday, June 10, 2006

privacy please

privacy panel live blogging continued

ralph: two important issues in past 5 years:

#1...9/11. this administration has used shameless 9/11 for the patriot act. 95% of congress didn't even read before passing. it neeeds to be amended significantly.

john ashcroft accused aclu of aiding and abetting the enemy. but no democrat stood up like against mccarthy to say "sir have you no sense of decency?"

we must elect progress individuals and hold others' feet to the fire.

what is most disturbing is george bush acting like george iii, a king not a president. having enemy combatants in a parallel constitutional system, keeping every thing secret, not having congressional review.

secondly, the most important issue: the federal judiciary is the holy grail for dobson, robertson, big business, to undo what was put in place in the 30's. they want to go back to the pre-new deal constitution.

they want to take away the money and our rights. they are trying to make sure bush's policies live for generation. we must organize, communicate, for 2006 and 2008. we've got to prevail and save the constitution.
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