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Friday, June 09, 2006

plame ol' common sense

larry richard johnson:

he's not a leftist or liberal, he's a conservative. but he's not sure what a conservative means anymore in this administration. he's puzzled watching other conservatives defending the administration.

he knows the indisputable fact

valerie plame is the most clairvoyant woman int he world. in feb 2002 she was able to discern almost a year from the sotu address, that valerie anticipated that, and concocted the scheme to send joe wilson to niger and file a report that (depending upon the days the right wing want to decide it) that was eiether helpful or hurtful. until a year later when poor george bush would say there were sources that niger wanted to get uranium for iraq, and then they'd pull out this report.

richard says he wishes he was making this crap up.

the cia said on multiple occaisions (as recent as a week before the sotu) the idea that iraq was trying to get uranium from niger, but the administration went forward with the lies. and if that's not the basis for outrage, whether you are conservative or liberal, you have lost your heart and soul.

he points out that she was not the only undercover agent married to a diplomat.

this nonsense that there was no damage done: the cases valerie was working on went directly to identify and direct and influence iran's ability to obtain materials to make nuclear weapons. when you expose valerie you expose everyone she worked with. there was a damage assessment done internally by the cia (not formerly passed to congress, pending end of scooter's litigation). but there was damage done to the intelligence operations of the cia and ultimately to the security of this country, and how it is that conservative replubbbicans can excuse it is short of treason and beyond him.
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