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Friday, June 09, 2006

plame it on the bossa nova

plame live blogging 2:

joe: he stands in awe of his fellow panelists, who know more about the details of his wife's case than he does.

plamegate, writ large, has never been about joe wilson and his wife. it has been a distraction, to change the subject of the core questions raised by his article.

this is not just an exercise. 2500 american citizens have paid the ultimate price...we deserve to know why this decision (putting the lie into the sotu) was made.

this about war and why we wage it, not about wilson. it's also about how we conduct debate in this great country of ours. is the pubic square to be open to the free and open exchange of ideas? even if people bring in inconvenient facts? or do we drive them out of the public square with intimidation?

he valerie stood up to the school yard bullies and to make sure these decisions are made with the consent of the governed.

he says his article was not an act of great moral courage, but an act of civic duty. it's what citizens do every day, whether it's a letter to school board, your senator, your president. it's holding your elected officials to account in the name of those who elected them.

what made his article noteworthy is the context in which it played out: an administration who made sure that its narrative was the dominate narrative, and that opposing voices were crushed.

like when george orwell said so long ago: the simple act of telling the truth was revolutionary.

note: hey, i'm not a frickin' secretary ok, the above is paraphrased, not ver batim.
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