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Saturday, June 10, 2006

onward progressive soldiers

progressive infrastructure live blogging part 2

dave sirota: create our own progressive media infrastructure, don't use the old right infrastructure.

progressive media is both the netroots and magazines (am prospect, in these times) and one cannot substitute the other.

we need more investment in investigative research and substative reporting that fuels the blogtopia (y!ictp!).

sirota doesn't think we need new ideas, we've got great ideas. it's a matter of having the tools to effectively sell that. (applause)

jerome armstrong: his perspective comes from his work on campaigns. he started blogpac in 2004, a pac to raise donations up to $5000, average donation about $800, raised about $40,000 before 2004 election. the orientation was to go into key races and use video ads to impact the election (an experiment).

won a pauly award for an ohio ad.

as gov. dean mentioned this morning more and more people are getting their info on line. so blogpac was foraying into the new medium. the basic impetus was to get away from biz as usual.

the gravy train now is still going on, unfortunately. jerome urges us to tell the candidates to stop listening to consultants, listen to constituents. stop spending $$$ on consultants.

we raise lots of $$ on line. hackett's run in ohio raised about 1/2 mill $$$ from 50 states. but there's more to do. putting $$ in campaigns is just drive by activism.
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