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Friday, June 09, 2006

no one plame but ourselves

hi kids, skippy here, now live blogging from the valerie plame panel.

my good blog buddy jane hamsher of fdl is currently moderating, saying that if the main stream media had done their job on this story (since it had the great juicy bits like treachery and secrecy) like they had done on watergate, then people wouldn't have been flocking to the blogs.

jane: judy miller stretches the definition of irony when she says bloggers are fact free and editor free. Readers of the washpo and nytimes came away scratching their heads wondering why they made no sense.

great panel: murray waas, amb. joe wilson, christy of fdl, emptywheel of the next nurrah, dan froomkin.

amb. wilson: (who got a second standing o when introduced to speak): i'm mister valerie plame, i used to be joe wilson. now i'm the husband of the first american spy ever to have her identity compromised by her own administration.

he goes on to say that being at the yearlykos is a testament to all the things we americans hold dear, our freedoms, and when the market place of ideas suffers from polemics, comepetition will take over, like the blogs. he "salutes" us, the bloggers. right back atcha, joe!

he says valerie sends her thanks and greetings and expectations she'll be at ykos2.
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