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Saturday, June 10, 2006

networking, neutrality working

net neutrality panel live blogging continued.

matt stoller: i think wer'e going to win this, and even if we dont' win this this time we'll win it next time.

we already got the idea out there that if you love dropped calls you'll love net without neutrality.

vilifying mike mccurry is very important, because we fought against dem elders who sell out, and now they are scared because we fought back.

reporters dont cover communications policy yet the blogs do. and people notice. this has huge implications.

there's been a lack of vision on our side, but we just started. from my impression the neutral net is key to bloggers, and we have not staked out that vision. the other side knows what they want and are paying to get their vision out.

the weakness of our coalition has been unions and minorities. the failure to articulate and adress the concerns of those consituencies is very important, because we didn't do that we lost some political power.

the third thing i learned bsides the need for vision is the need for political theater. what we have done better than the telcos is to engage in political theater.

what i've done on mydd is to make this a voting issue.

the last thing: the consumer nature of the discourse. consumer driven nature of politics is bad, and we'll destroy ourselves. so we should teach people they are more than consumers, engage people to fight for public policy positions, and they begin to see the dangerous part of consumer language.
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