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Saturday, June 10, 2006

net yet

net neutrality panel live blogging continued.

q&a: this is about future media, not the past.

matt stoller: you're right, its not just a regulatory issue or policy issue but an issue of good faith and who do we want to control it the big companies or the people.

a: this fight is really only one half. there's a significant chunk of people in the country who just aren't plugged in. but we're talking about access to data, operators on the net and how to move the date around. we don't have digital rights management. ie, colbert's speech at the press corps dinner, cspan wanted it off the air. it's a felony to take that clip and play it against cspan's wishes. so we have more to do than net neutrality.

tim: whats important for us right now is the neutrality issue.

matt: yeah, let's take nbc, i'm outraged you can't take clips and use them in discussions without permission.

sorry kids power going down on laptop. must sign off for now
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