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Friday, June 09, 2006

maybe the msm is starting to notice

skippy the bush kangaroo here, surfing the web to find msm coverage of ykos. and i find some interesting things.

mainly, time.com, in its reportage of ykos, comes to the conclusion that everyone in blogtopia (and yes! i coined that phrase!) has known for some time:

the crowd is older and more professional than coverage of the blogosphere might lead one to expect. in the session on recruiting progressive candidates for local office, there's an er doctor, an aids activist, a high-school teacher and a representative from the organic consumers association. there are some that conform to type: thirtyish and pale, sloppily dressed and bleary-eyed. those are the journalists. there are a lot of them. one organizer put the ratio of conference-goers to reporters at eight to one, which seemed high until i visited one workshop that managed to score drivebys from the chicago tribune, the national review, the weekly standard, salon, the new republic and the american prospect. at one point the room held more representatives from the new york times (three) than workshop leaders (two).
[emphasis mine]

that's one thing i have noticed about this convention. it's very well-organized, and professional presented. and the folks showing up, while enjoying themselves, are dead serious about the force that they represent and the phenomenon they are taking part in.

i have said to more than one person here that we will look very good to the outside world: we're not pajama-clad adolescents picking our nose and discussing the star trek experience over at the vegas hilton (although i can't wait to try it out...they've got a new show, borg 4d, and....but i digress).

we are professional, and enthusiastic. the panels are presenting incredibly cogent and intelligent analyses of the issues of the day, but with a smile and a sense of commaraderie. we're not at summer camp here. we are doing important work, and i believe the outside world (read: msm) is actually starting to take note.

this is the greatest event in the physical world for blogtopia.

and i am the one that yes! coined that phrase!
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