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Saturday, June 10, 2006

making progressive progress

progressive infrastructure, still live blogging:

kos: the right taking over was a 30 year process. 16 years to take over the presidency, 14 years to take over congress. won't take us that long, because they are only beating us by inches now.

the repubbbs have 3 organizations to "ferret out media bais." they issue white papers about media bais then turn it over to their marketing machine.

we've got one, media matters, and it kicks butt over theirs. we can do things cheaper and more efficiently and more geared to political environment today. the machinery and institutions are being built. we can do things better, it won't take us 30 years.

people ask me am i optimistic about 2008? not that optimistic. jesus could be nominated they'd drag him through the mud.

2016 we're going to compete. even if we win in november it's not because the pendulum swung back, it's because the right really stunk it up, so we need to build the institutions to turn politics into a battle of ideas, because on a battle of ideas, they will lose.
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