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Friday, June 09, 2006

like moths to a plame

plame panel live blogging number 666

christy hardin smith, recovering lawyer:


you never ever begin a grand jury term without attempting to secure an indictment, because the grand jury is everyday people pulled off the voter roles, who depend on their paychecks. as a prosecutor you are well aware of the time that if you waste their time (the jurists make about $10-$20 a day), you just don’t do it.

pat fitzgerald is using a regular grand jury. not a dedicated grand jury. other prosecutors could show up and use this grand jury at a moment’s notice.

pat fitzgerald doesn’t have a huge staff like ken starr, no 30 or 40 staff. he borrows office space when in dc, there are 5 attorneys and a team of fbi officers for this case.

there are other prosecutors working with him on this case, so if you don’t see pat going into the courthourse, that doesn’t mean there’s no activity on this grand jury,

if you’re a prosecutor using a regular grand jury, you not only don’t want to tip off the folks in the grand jury, because if you do, you could have problems for every prosecutor that is working with this pool of people. so you never start something you don’t intend on finishing.

you don’t leave a defendant hanging. you either bring a charge or let the defendant know.

which brings us to karl rove. the investigation is ongoing. she says that because she heard pat fitzgerald say "the investigation is on going." and the judge presiding over the libby case said "the investigation is on going." so, she guesses the invesigation is still ongoing. (many chuckles in the room).

this case effects people at the highest level in the administration, obviously it's going to have a political effect. but as a prosecutor you look to see if the law has been violated, and then you prosecute the perpetrator, no matter who his friends are.

the shield laws that have been proposed (that she knows of) would not protect journalists that protect sources that are committing crimes.
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