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Saturday, June 10, 2006

the land o' cotton

south in politics live blogging continued:

tom shaler: every state in the south has fewer blacks than in 1950 except tennessee and texas.

also american indians have more population in 2002 than 1990 in northern states. asian americans are 4.3% of us population but are not in the south.

white vote was about 50-50 in last election. dem party doesn't have a white voter problem, it has a southern white voter problem.

dems do well in union households, the south is the least unionized states.

what tom suggests is saying, draw a line from cleveland to helena to vegas to tuscon, and that's the democratic diamond.

fruit-picking metaphor: northeast and pacific coast are windfallen fruit, midwest is low-hanging fruit, southwest is middle branches and at the top is the old confederate south.

dave mudcat: ah have a lot of pride in my scotch irish confederate ancestory, and tom you can kiss my rebel ass.

we can't split america. we don't have a southern problem we have a cultural problem the repubbb base isn't the south, it's wall street! politics is not that difficult, it's about addition, adding numbers to what you have. every poll says the reagan democrats want to come home. what happened to the big tent we used to have?

where i live its sociall and culturally unacceptable to identify himself as a democrat and that's wrong, we should be able to say i'm proud to be a democrat, i'm proud to be a southern democrat.

we took a connecticut yankee named mark warner and taught him nascar, fishing, he learned our culture and won.

joe trippi: the big debacle of the democratic party is how we abandon places, not just the south, utah, idaho, and it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy, people don't run for dog catcher, school boards as a dem on the bottom. and if election after election the same guys decide we're not going to put resources in the south, how are we going to win them?

you've got steve giardi and mudcat proven to show that candidates who get into that culture you can win.

in our party they shoot you the day after they beat you. the repubbbs at least would at least say let's get trippi and giardi over here and help us and then we'll shoot them the day after we win.

you can't be a national party if you're not a national party. in the end both parties have become transactional parties, tax cuts for your vote vs. health care for your vote.

the south is the place to repsond.
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