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Friday, June 09, 2006

just plame confusing

plame live blogging four:

murray waas, who is the only reporter in dc covering the story full time, and there is no reporter even covering it one or two days a week.

waas: there shouldn't be the fact that a writer who writes for a magazine with 13,000 readers being the only one covering a story of this magnitude. the only reason he ended up covering it is two words: health insurance. he needed a job because the premium of his health insurance went up. so the irony is, if dick cheney ever had a bad day because of something murray wrote, it's because he didn't come up with good health insurance policy (he was non-partisan in honor of byron york who is here from national review: hillary should have come up with health insurance policy, too).

the blogs have filled the void, not just ideological comments, but have gone out and scoured the documents for facts. even tho there's not original coverage of the story, even if the story fizzles out (what if karl rove isn't indicted), this is still a major story. in writing these stories, to talk about the restraint on any reporter (dan mentioned this), the price of doing this is not so much the approval ratings (president & vice presidents), a lot of the big news organizations are so conflicted about their own role in the story, they are just hoping it goes away.

ok that last sentence didn't make nuch sense but i'm not a secretary i'm a blogger damn it, it's paraphrased, not ver batim.

if you were a reporter covering impeachment of clinton for a big news organization, you were taken care of, so you went with the flow. murray went against the grain, and went against the entire washington press corp, and many still don't talk to him today. so you have to ask what stories are not even being covered at all?

murray: let's open up the public square to debate, and let's try to reclaim our media!
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