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Saturday, June 10, 2006

infrastructure, outfrastructure

armstrong: we've got to think of more ways to spend the $$$, not just raise it. (bowers and stoller took over blogpac now). they are focusing not on electoral politics but on issues like net neutrality and such.

the rise of local blogtopia (yictp) and its impact on local elections is important, jon tester in montana is an example. morrison had more credentials and money and credentials, but blogtopia (yictp) was behind tester, and he won by more than 2 to 1.

actblue is another organization. we still have to figure out building infrastructures at the local level. just putting $$$ into pockets of people in campaigns from dc, we're not changing the process, we're just doing the same old stuff.

markos: there's a line in crashing the gates that says as the repubbs celebrated victory on eht eve of 2004, little did they know that was the beginning of the end of the conservative movement.

people were not happy with bush, people are not happy with conservatives. on almost every single issue people were with kerry and the democrats (not national security). kerry lost because he was up against a vast right wing conspiracy, but it was out in the open. the left did nothing to counter it.

the right had a message machine or idea factory to package the message into a marketing format.

blue collar workers, limabugh...soccer moms, o'reilly...wall street, wall street journal...different outlets for different demographics. a billion $$ industry.

we're startinjg from scratch. realize this is a long-term effort. howard dean is doing the 50 state approach, schumer is pissed off at this, dean's not putting $$ into elections. kos has seen this time and time again, the dems come up with a slogan, they lose elections, they say "we need a new slogan."

the old repubbbs do not look like the repubbbs of today (nixon was great onthe environment).
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