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Friday, June 09, 2006

i never metakos i didn't recommend

live blogging of the meta kos panel.

yes, i am blogging about people talking about people blogging about blogs.

did your head explode yet?

starring kos, chris bowers, susan g, hunter, mcjoan, and jerome a paris in the audience.

chris bowers: how many people know what their kos user id is? (i do: 1412...kos is 3...who's one and two??)

meta is important because blogtopia (chris mistakenly used the word "blogosphere") is more than media buzz and political activism, it's building community. meta adds humanity to blogtopia, so it's more than wonky people writing about politics (my note: it's geeky people writing about computer-speak).

susan g: diary rescue girl!!! we don't have money or recognition, but we have this site (dkos) and this site has a lot of talent. so she likes to encourage talent (thus her diary rescue program). people don't come to kos to make money, they come for expression. she likes originality, she likes humor, research, different kinds of information put together. also, the commentors on a diary are just as important to her.

hunter: he doesn't even like the word meta. any important aspect of any movement is self-reflection. there is good meta and bad meta. bad meta: fights, petty dickering found in any community. good meta: reflection on the fact that this is something new, a new town hall for an era that doesn't have that any more.

in a community like this, we're all interested in the same thing: getting concrete results done in this country, ignoring all the usual crap about the conventions of the media, how you have to say things, what you have to say, and going back to the underlying issues of what it's about and what we want to happen.

it can get heated but more often it gives important clues into what the community, is, where its at and taking it to the next level.

mcjoan: that's the positive side of meta. she's a meta-addict. she tries to resist when she sees a diary with 300 comments, but she can't.

kos: how much of a site's growth is built on technology and how much on human-to-human interaction?

hunter: interface matters alot. having a place where people know the place and are comfortable and know each other.

he thinks the recommend button simplifies things.

mcjoan says the level of community and moderation (largely from scoop) is the reason we're all here at ykos. because of diaries we got to know each other really well, thanks to the scoop platform.

chris: scoop saved kos back in 2003, before the change with all the trolls it was hard to know who everyone was, so the technology allowed the site to grow, but at the same time technology is not the cure-all. but it also allows people to take stuff out on each other, so it's not a cure-all.

kos: the people-powered movement needs a healthy blogosphere. what do you see as impediment to the growth?

hunter: the sheer size of the community. the change to scoop was to manage the way people wanted to be heard.

susan g thinks the daily kos is an incubator for folks to start their own site, but it's hard to get out of that "gravity" and get people to come to your site. she thinks kos will have a problem if it gets so large. it still needs to be part of an echo chamber, but if there's no one to echo off of, it's not good.

chris thinks rather than size, the problem is the pool of readers. you don't read progressive blogs unless you're already active. there are between 3 and 10 mill readers a week. you will run into a wall, it can't keep growing for ever.

kos has no solutions, but he wants 50, 100 sites the size of dkos, because the more sites, the broader the topics we can address.
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