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Saturday, June 10, 2006

i always feel like somebody's watching me

privacy panel live blogging continued.

jeannie of aclu: we have started a campaign w/fcc complaint asking about telcom abuses. fcc says they won't investigate, so aclu has petition asking for investigation (go to their website to sign it).

we need to educate other people. our polling shows that people, when they hear the truth, support our position.

aclu is hosting a series of house parties in july about this. go to website for info.

ralph nace of people for american way: over 900,000 members and supporters. he started out as a republican counsel to liberal republican sen. brooke. of course "liberal republican" is an oxymoron these days.

ralph thinks this is the worst constitutional moment we've had in over 200 years.

old politics does not work, we need new politics to get unfiltered message, actual facts to the american people.

it's disgusting that congress let alioto pass when all he'd admit was americans had a right to privacy when married couples used condoms.

big business is the beneficiaries of bush's polcies, in respect to the courts and where the law of the land will be in the next 30 years.
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