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Thursday, June 22, 2006

have you ever seen a meme walking? well, we have

and it seems to be walking out the door.

readers of this space know how personally skippy takes it when he sees the abhorrent and totally false meme "bloggers are 0 for [fill in the double digit figure] for supporting successful candidates."

dean barnett spread it around at the weekly standard, and we corrected it . wankette repeated it on gma, and we personally wrote her and called her on it. ben domenech repeated in on his (and last?) day at the washpost, and we pointed it out then, too.

[ed. note: please see this page for links to dkos web pages proving the meme wrong]

but finally, hallelujah, maybe our meme of truth is beginning to penetrate the thick-headedness of the corporate top-down media!

john dickerson, writing in slate about joe-nertia (yes! curious jim at fdl coined that phrase!) begrudgingly writes:

while bloggers have had meager success backing candidates so far, what frightens lieberman's allies—and makes the race worth watching—is their success as giant-killers, taking down dan rather and trent lott.
forget the nonsense after the words "so far," because we know dan rather was taken down by a repubbblican lawyer from kenneth starr's special council office who was plugged into the repubbb echo chamber, and trent lott is just an asshole.

but finally...finally...somebody admits that, while "meager," the bloggers' record for backing candidates is not zero. we'll repeat that, the won/loss ratio does not have a zero in it, and thus is not an irrational number!

ok, we're getting arcane with our high school mathematics knowledge here, but our point is, what does it take to kill a meme? maybe repeating the meme's falsity over and over again, until that in itself becomes a meme.

proff that it works, folks. keep fighting the good fight!
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