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Saturday, June 10, 2006

got progressive?

building progressive infrastructure live blogging


how's the future look for creating infrastructure?

dave johnson: the right has a big task, convincing americans to give up their pensions for a bigger debt. so our task is not that difficult, we just need to get out there and get our values out there. discuss the benefits of progressive values, ("benefits" is a marketing term).

jerome: the article "why democrats lose." the repubbbs have a highly sophisticated system to unleash on dems at the most opportune time. case in point, busby's immigration gaffe. the right broadcasted that immediately.

it emphasized how consultants are driving our campaign. he didn't ever see what busby stood for, and he thinks it was because she hired consultants to give her what to say.

sirota: i think we need to be all on the look out for building infrastructure that has inthe policy and ideas segment that is comfortable with a progressive ideology. for instance bill bennett at a repubbb conference said "conservatives see the repub party as a mean to an end. liberals see the dem party as an end. and that's why they lose."

the right built up an infrastructure outside the party to pressure the party. repubb politicians and operatives understand and appreciate the value of that outside infrastructure.

specific: tom delay understands the idea of having an outside infrastructure to pressure moderate repubbbs in line. bush and rove appreciate having toomey to run against spectre. didn't matter that toomey lost, the message was sent to specter.

we need to have an infrastructure to embrace values, not just "beat bush." not just because its morally the right thing to do, but politically it works.

q: media matters preaches to the choir. wants to start a grass roots efforts to combat right wing, but can't find funding.

kos: its not true only dems read media matters, haven't you seen o'reilly rant and rave about it? reporters read it. politicians read it. as far as funding, it's billionaires, you can't find contact info. so do it onthe cheap, put up a web site, attract attention. he would have no problem getting money now, but he had to prove himself.

the donor community's problem is moveon.org and dailykos give repubbbs fits right now, but they couldn't get investing at the beginning, the donors are gun shy. gina cooper couldn't get anyone to give us money for the conference (note: espeically skippy, but don't get me started).

so that's the reality that we face. you've got to build it organically. once you do it's more likely the money wil be there.
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