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Saturday, June 10, 2006

frankly my dear i don't give a damn

southern strategy live blogging continued

mudcat: joe is right. musicrowdemocrats.com in nashville built a coalition down there, they believe the same stuff we do, have we given them any help? no. in the south, nashville carries more clout than hollywood.

joe: the biggest problem is, if you cede that region, then they repubbbs know they don't have to do a damn thing to hold it. you got to make them defend it. if they don't they can put their resources in our territory. they can throw 30-40-50 mill $$ in ohio. they don't need a 50 state strategy. you got to take the fight to them and play everywhere.

tom (moves one seat away from mudcat): i feel more comfortable here anyway.

mudcat: you should.

tom: you only spend money in states if you can win them. gore screwed up by not spending money in ohio. if that were the case then we should spread our money over 435 congressional districts is that a good idea?

secondly, i don't have a gun in my house but i support the second amendment. but abortion, the death penalty, school prayer, gays in the military, affimative action, in the south, are still a factor. in the south there's six hurdles to clear but in the west there's only 2 or 3.

mudcat: is it morally right to turn your back on so many people?

tom: i never said turn your back.

mudcat: you said whistling past dixie.

tom: it's a catchy title sue me. in 2000 we lost the national election. we are not a big majority. the solution is to go after college educated single women of color who live in the cities.

mudcat: i say we go after all americans.

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