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Friday, June 09, 2006

enough plame to go around

plame panel live blogging three

dan froomkin: the only msm exception who covered this of note was murray waas.

had it not been for murray's reporting, judy miller might still be considered a great journalistic martyr rather than a discredited shill.

back when judy was in jail, murray moved the world w/his article in the american prospect which made clear that libby and rove specifically put the plame info "out there." and then fitzgerald started his investigation. so not only did murray's reporting help us understand what was going on, it actually percipitated a ground-breaking movement in this case.

he agrees with joe this is just the tip of the iceberg of a narrative of an administration that selectively leaks info.

he's not really a blogger, he doesn't work in his pajamas, and he only posts once a day, so we probably think he's a pushover.

is there laziness to the msm? are they afraid of pissing people off? no, in his opinion, he thinks the press is bending over backwards to avoid being perceived as liberal. so he salutes the bloggers.

after years of being afraid of incurring the wrath of the administration, now reporters are in danger of incurring the bloggers' wrath, which is a good thing.
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I seem to miss something in the Plame thing. Who did what to whom? As far as I can see the Plame lady who is a Democrat plant in the CIA should be prosecuted under the Hatch act for conspirng with her husband to use the good offices of the CIA for political purposes. This is the only blatant crime commited and ignored by the press and politicians. The administration is afraid to bring this up. We need to go back to the old spoils system where each administration cleaned out the other guy's operatives when gaining office. I forgot, the Dems still do that.
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