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Friday, June 09, 2006

boxer lunch

live blogging on sen. boxer's speech:

sen. barbara boxer, who just got a standing o when she reminded us all that she voted 'no' on the iraq war. also, unfortunately, she was only one of 23 who voted no.

she says net neutrality is an important issue, and finds it unconscienable for the isp's to keep

ban on gay marriage? if you want to do something to help marriage, raise the minimum wage, let people afford to raise a family. also, make health care affordable. save the military marriages (which fail a great deal) by bringing the troops home.

sen boxer says she's been married a long time, and if two people of the same gender love each other and want to get married, that is not a threat to her marriage.

and if that is a threat to someone's marriage, then that marriage was pretty shaky to start with (big applause).

the netroots is the key to giving people courage when it is scary to say the unpopular thing.

she ends with another standing o.

remember kids i'm a blogger not a secretary this is all paraphrase not ver batim.
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