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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

blog teaser - a skippy rant

skippy is quite upset at the number of unreturned emails that he has sent out since ykos to all the wonderful people he met there (or, so he thought...they apparently aren't so wonderful, if they can't be bothered to hit the "reply" button an on email).

but the one that hurts the most is garance franke-ruta of the american prospect.

aside from being a hot babe (at least, in terms of attendees at ykos), garance allowed skippy to buy her a drink and chat her up. skippy assumed (incorrectly, as it turned out) that he was forming a relationship with a "real" journalist.

[ed. note: yes, the last sentence is purposely vague; was it the supposition that skippy was forming a relationship that was incorrect, or the adjective "real" to the noun "journalist"? read on and decide]

upon returning home, skippy emailed garance (among many, many, many, god knows how many others) asking if she would like a complimentary skippy tee shirt.

(for the record, only jane of fdl and lindsay of majikthise returned skippy's emails. we know who our friends are).

garance never returned skippy's emails. nor did leaving comments on tapped (urging ezra klein to talk to garance about returning her correspondence) get her attention. eventually, skippy became resigned to never hearing from garance ever again. the reason, he decided, was that he was a mere lowly blogger and she was a big time hot shot senior editor and bona fide journalist.

till he read this:

the fight between tnr and daily kos made the hop to the mainstream media over the weekend, and both news outlets had their single most blogged-about days this year, according to technorati. having gone "berserk" mid-week with his declaration of war against tnr, according to this newsweek profile, markos moulitsas zuniga appears to have thought the better of it and decided to try and capture some of the controversy-driven traffic by highlighting a welcome to the first-time readers. most other responses on the site are now tending toward satire or works with lighter touches, while tnr, for its part, renounced one of the e-mails it had published, citing sources who misled its reporter. so perhaps both sides are stepping back from the brink.
yes, an entire post by gfr maintaining that markos came out the loser when the new republic's jason zenergle (whom garance even fails to mention in the piece) wrote an unsubstantiated rumor that kos controls what is written in blogtopia (and no! none of them correctly pointed out that we coined that phrase!)

garance didn't even mention that zengerle's piece contained patently false information (in our day we called them "lies"), and yet she implied that mark warner's chances for president could be hindered (because jerome armstrong reads astrology), and that "the broader story has now had a negative impact on daily kos' credibility."

skippy was beside himself, which is hard for a bush kangaroo to do (there's not that much room in the office to begin with). his rationale for why garance didn't write him, e.g., she was a journalist, was dashed to pieces. no journalist would write about the national review's piece without mentioning that it was part fabrication, part innuendo, part cockamamie conjecture. ok, they wouldn't have to use alliteration, but a real journalist would have pointed that out.

and a real journalist would have done some research. as anyone who reads dkos on even a semi-regular basis knows, markos doesn't highlight the diaries, unless he chooses to put them on the front page, which was not the case with the "welcome" to "first time readers" (by goldberry).

this diary was recommended by the community, and in a complicated algorythm that we don't even want to know about, was promoted to the top of the "recommended diaires" section (standard operating procedure on all community blogs).

but by implying that markos took a lowly diary and "highlighted" it as some kind of "damage control," garance is helping to perpetuate the "kos as godfather" meme that tnr ineptly tried to introduce in zengerle's original hit piece.

garance, garance, garance, we hardly knew ye. you have upset skippy. he is so upset, he wrote this comment on your piece at tapped, which we have good reasons to assume will never let it see the light of day over there. so we reprint it, en toto, and dorothy, too, here:

all right, garance, i've had it.

i've emailed you twice (at tapped@prospect.org) since we met at ykos, asking if you'd like a free skippy tee shirt, and you don't even have the civility to email me back, even if to just refuse?

i was hurt, i admit. you let me buy you a drink. you let me chat you up. i thought, well, here i am making a relationship with real journalist, how nice!

but noooooo! you never emailed me back. you are a god dam blog teaser! that's what you are!

abbi tatton of cnn takes my calls! but you're too good to email me?

after a while i thought, well, it's because she's a big time journalist and i'm just a blogger.

but after reading this drivel, that argument went right to the 404 page, babe!

first of all, you blog teasing journalist, i won't bother to reiterate the obvious factual error you made about markos "highlighting" the welcome diary, as it would only embarrass you by revealing how little you bothered to learn about the very subject you purport to be reporting on.
but add that to the lack of zengerle's name in your piece, plus your ridiculous assertion that this story "made the leap" to mainstream media (google doesn't seem to think so), and i can only assume you are not a reporter at all, but a mere gossip monger.

which brings us back to my original complaint. if you're a gossip monger, i love to gossip! why don't you return my emails? there's a tee shirt in it for you!

you blog teaser!
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