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Saturday, June 10, 2006

away away away down south in dixie

southern strategy live blogging

q & a:

q: the dems have abandoned people. i'm from mobile alabama and i have neighbors ready to vote democrat but they are perceived as an elitist party.

tom: i say let's send mudcat to ohio. i heard edwards went to ohio in 2004. mudcat's right, i'd be the first one to write a check to send mudcat to south ohio. multi-ethnic coalitions can put us over the top.

joe: i'd like to get into the argument that we should only go after the states that we can win. if you avoid states you become the permanent minority party. what's mindblowing to me, as a party is there's only one african american in the senate: obama. if we don't take every shot we can with harold ford in tennesse and quasi afumi in maryland, wer'e going to lose something. we take minority candidates for granted.

our primary system is screwed up.
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